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Inside the Man Repeller's SoHo Offices

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Screw January. September = a fresh start. Who needs a New Year's Resolution when you can buy all new office or school supplies and experience the same exact feelings of inspiration and motivation? TV shows are littered with Target commercials about buying new jeans and fresh notebooks, but as a young professional, this feeling of rebirth can extend to revamping my office space, too. I'm planning on hitting up Homegoods today with the intentions of buying some new organizational supplies for my desk at my new job, and this tour of The Man Repeller's new digs are the perfect inspiration for what I want to find there - stylish, fun, and comfortable, with stacks of books and plenty of Instagramable vignettes. It feels young, but not too young - it has millennial written all over it, but not in a bad way. You know what I mean?

Mod + Jo Jewelry

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As part of my fall wardrobe revamp, I've been shopping for some new jewelry to add something new to my otherwise neutral wardrobe of striped shirts, button downs, and sweaters. I discovered Mod + Jo on Instagram, and their use of natural materials and on trend styling makes it a perfect score for Fall 2016. Chokers? Check. Tassel earrings? Check!  Most pieces are under fifty bucks, too, so while they aren't as cheap as the options at H&M right now, they're a much better investment. See some of my favorite picks below.

A Passion for Pantone

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#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

Have you ever taken a color acuity test online? I have, and they're much harder than you would think. We all see color a little differently from each other, which I guess explains why I occasionally see people mixing shades that honestly make me a little nauseous, but doesn't seem to impact them at all. Color is a really interesting area to explore, shaped by personal perception, senses, and preference. 

With that being said, there is also a science to color, and a standard that is set for thousands of hues that help keep everything in order. Pantone is the industry leader in developing and documenting these guidelines, setting trends and helping manufacturers to maintain a certain standard.

Still following me? Then check out #PantonePosts, a series of photographs taken by Lucia Litman that match food with a dedicated Pantone shade. From toasted bagels to bananas in varying stages of ripeness, she finds the perfectly satisfactory way to document each item as a color. If you're a fan of Things Organized Neatly and pictures that are Oddly Satisfying, I'd recommend checking her out.

Loewe 001

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If I were to pick out my perfume based on looks alone, the brand new Loewe 001 fragrances for both men and women would be #1 on my list. The minimal, heritage-inspired design has a touch of natural elements with its wood cap, and it would look at home on any Top Shelfie with a mix of Diptyque candles and Ceramidin cream

Alas, thanks to an abundance of Sephora samples and scoring some really good deals at T.J. Maxx, I have enough perfume to last me for at least a decade, so I won't be adding these to my shopping cart any time soon.