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Material and simplicity. These are the two self-declared core components of both A.P.C., the French label that is known world-wide for it's stylish yet simple essentials, and Outdoor Voices, the up-and-coming brand that dresses cool kids who shun labels on their way to Soul Cycle. Their new collaboration, A.P.C.O.V.shoppable as of August 31st, is the perfect marriage of minimalist athleticism that takes athleisurewear to an uncharted place of understated sophistication.

These pieces build outfits that feel equally balanced with a thick pair of Nikes or thin calfskin ballet flats, and you won't find a single pop of neon or a panel of mesh anywhere in this collection built on greys and blues.

Happy shopping!

zara sport: for chic olympians

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There are few things more inspiring than watching your fellow Americans defy gravity, natural elements, and the human body to absolutely own an Olympic event. It didn't matter if I was watching diving, gymnastics, or the decathlon over the past several days, but whenever the Olympics were on, I had a very strong urge to ditch my rosรฉ and go hit the track for some interval work.

Of course, if you want to be a world class athlete, you need to look the part, and Zara's latest Olympic-inspired athletic wear collection fits the bill perfectly here. You may not set any records in barre class, but at least you'll look like a world class athlete doing your tucks while wearing this collection. 

zara launches activewear

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from Zara's  GYMWEAR  collection

from Zara's GYMWEAR collection

This past week, I threw myself into the local boutique fitness scene. I took a boxing class at Athletx, a spinning class at Rev, and an HIIT at work (yeah, I'm lucky enough to have fitness facilities and classes at my job. it's nice.) It was fun, rewarding, and HARD. There were times that I could barely make it into my office desk chair, but those sore muscles are the best reminder that if you aren't challenging yourself, you aren't changing yourself. And since I'm slated to be wearing a bikini in the Dominican Republic in a few short days, I need all the change I can get.

A big part of motivating myself to take these killer classes is making sure I like what I'm wearing when I exercise. I've written about this many times, but wearing cute fitness attire makes all of the difference in how you feel during a workout. It also goes to say that the proper wardrobe choices can help with performance, too. No one won a 100-meter race wearing an old college tee shirt and yoga pants, that's for sure.

Yesterday was my rest day, which meant that I had a little extra time to do some internet browsing. Yesterday also happened to be the day that Zara nonchalantly released an activewear collection on its e-commerce site. Coincidence? I think not. The collection features the most beautiful neutrals, sleek swimsuits, slouchy grey sweatshirts, "pushup leggings" and just a touch of neon. Perfection. They're also all at a shockingly affordable price point, which means that I might have to reward my hard week of work with a new outfit (or two).