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upcycled & chic: Furniture Made from Recycled Glossier Packaging

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It's hard to imagine improving upon the packaging of Glossier products. The double walled jars of the Priming Moisturizer Rich are as hefty and substaintial as the formula that they hold. The shimmering transparent pink pump of Solution gives you hope that by the time you finish that bottle, you're skin will also be sparkling. And then there are the perfectly utilitarian but also wildly eyecatching pink pouches that everything comes in. When you see a Glossier product, you just know where it came from.

But what if that packaging is repurposed and reused into something chic and dressing room-friendly? After all, Glossier girls have to sit on something while they put on a fresh coat of Lidstar.

New Yorker Kim Markel answered that question with a collection of translucent furniture, all made out of empty Glossier products.

“The packaging is broken down and bonded with other plastics in large molds, then cured and sanded until an imperfect, slightly dissolved, candy-like effect is achieved,” says Markel. “It takes over 50 jars to make a single chair.”

I think I'm lucky these aren't for sale. I'm currently furniture shopping for my brand new apartment and have a tendency to throw my budget out the window when it comes to anything related to Glossier.

want: Overose Holographic Candles

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all hail  Overose candles  - $55 each

all hail Overose candles - $55 each

I go for neutrals in every aspect of my life - my nails, my car, my go-to purses, my living room accessories. Every once in a while, though, I'll wander outside of my comfort zone and go for something that really pops, like when I ventured into Paintbox this past summer and got sparkly pink and shimmering silver nail art. That same feeling came over me the second I saw the latest collection of candles from Overose on Instagram. I don't care what they smell like - I just need one of these holographic bad boys. 

Overose_Valkiria_holographic 2.jpg
Overose_Valkiria_holographic 1.jpg

apartment aspirations

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The older I get, the more stuff I accumulate. It's human nature, I suppose, to pile up the books and souvenirs that make me happy, keep on-hand stacks of blankets and pillows to make a Netlix-and-chill session that much more relaxing, and grow my collection of stemless wine glasses (hey, they break eventually!). With each online order of stuff to add to my apartment, I do get a sense of satisfaction that I'm making my home into a fully functioning adult space, but at the same time, I get the nagging sense that I'm moving further and further away from that aspirational minimalist apartment that haunts my dreams and my Pinterest boards.

living room

The warm yet neutral home of Paige Geffen is a space that makes me want to throw 70% of my belongings out on the curb. Her pots and pans all match in the same earthy clay tones, her couch looks perfectly comfortable yet refined, and her mix of metallics, woods, and stone scream sophistication without being too delicate. She could throw a party for all of her closest friends in this space and not worry about anything not surviving - as long as no one spills red wine.

faux greenery

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all images are from the  C  rate & Barrel botanicals section

all images are from the Crate & Barrel botanicals section

I go crazy for a home with fresh plants growing in it. They're gorgeous, help keep the air clean, and add a fresh vibe to your decor, no matter how dusty everything else is. However, I can't keep plants alive (I killed a cactus once and my succulents are mostly brown), plus my cat has a penchant to snack on anything green that comes into our apartment. While I made the very expensive and scary mistake of having a toxic bouquet in my kitchen once, I'll never take that risk again. 

So, fake plants it is for me! I make it a habit to peruse HomeGoods, IKEA, and other local stores for affordable faux greenery, but usually, the options look terrible and too plastic-y, or they're way too expensive. Enter Crate & Barrel's new line of fake indoor plants. Each petal, leaf, and stem is hand painted and cut, and their curation is incredibly Instagram-friendly, with a single fan palm leaf as an option.

While I'm not ready to drop $300 on a faux banana tree, I think I'm going to spring for an under $20 option. It'll breathe some new life into my apartment for 2017 without breaking the bank too aggressively.