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may, in review

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this month, I turned 23 and had a little party with my family to finally celebrate graduating from college back in December.  nothing says congratulations! like a butter cream frosted cake//when my sister was in town we went to visit our old elementary school playground and discovered that it had been completely redone and was scaled for people over 5' tall, not for short little ones.  strange//I got a full-time paid internship and have been spending my lunch breaks wandering around Burlington.  I've found that the days seem much shorter and my fluorescent light-induced headache disappears if I spend some time outside in the middle of the day//gnocchi that comes in little pouches at the grocery store is surprisingly delicious and makes a such a fast and easy meal when it's paired with some feta and kale//I'm still learning how to use my new SLR.  I kind of really miss autofocus with that thing.

what did you do this month?

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images from my trip to Hampton Beach, NH last summer

my memorial day will consist of drinking sangria by the pool with one of my good friends from high school and then having a little barbeque with my family.  and then my sister comes home from college tonight!