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The Art of Arranging Things

artAnna KellerComment

Like much of the rest of the internet world, I've come to regard clutter as enemy #1. Loose change, dull pencils, and lidless Tupperware has all started to annoy me more than ever, and with Marie Kondo as my guide, everything must go.

However, what does one do with all of the knickknacks, cute collectibles, and other memorabilia that have a tendency to "spark joy"? I don't want to get rid of them, but I also don't want to hide them in a box forever, collecting dust. They deserve to be showcased, arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way that could easily gather likes in an Instagram post.

This sentiment was echoed in a post by The Line – In Place: Leonard Koren and the Art of Arranging Things. Recreating paintings by Natalie Du Pasquier as photos, the collection "is an opportunity to logically dissect an intuitive act while considering the subtleties of stuff."

Basically, it makes me feel less horrible about not getting rid of every little thing in my apartment. Not all stuff needs to be removed, hidden, or repurposed. Some stuff can just be.

the art of the detox

art, lifestyleAnna KellerComment

I'm going on a family trip to the Dominican Republic in March, and the realization that I'll soon be hanging out in a bikini has me scrambling to eat more  kale and make sure I get to the gym five days a week. I've never been one to even consider a detox (food is just way too delicious to not chew), but this series of prints by illustrator Marine de Quenetain featured on goop is inspiration enough to focus on eating more of the right stuff.

minerals encyclopedia cards

artAnna KellerComment

my Christmas wish list is growing and growing as the holiday approaches, and I've come to terms with the fact that this just means I'll have to do a little shopping for myself next week. the newest edition to my list is this minerals encyclopedia card set, which includes seven prints with mineral facts on them. I want to frame this cards and make a little gallery wall out of them to take me back to my days working at a natural history museum, where I took advantage of every opportunity I had to stroll through the hall of minerals.

Nasomatto Perfumes

art, beautyAnna KellerComment

When I do my monthly peruse of Vogue or Elle, I usually find myself skipping the lengthy write-ups of new perfumes and histories of scent. Perfume is meant to be smelled, right? Without that sensory element, I'm bored and confused by their astronomical price tags and complex descriptions.

However, it seems to be a general rule that upscale perfume bottles are breathtakingly beautiful. And with a price per ounce that I'm pretty sure rivals cocaine, you're definitely putting your money where you can see it when you purchase gorgeous glass atomizers.

Nasomatto perfumes had this very effect on me. While I can't imagine what their Absinthe or China White scents actually smell like, I can definitely conjure up images of the whole line artfully arranged on my bedside table. Their use of natural elements and contrasting textures is just so pretty and chic. I'll never find myself ever spending a $200 on an ounce of perfume, but I have no problem blogging about these lovely little bottles - click on each to enlarge.