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Luxury Living at the South Pole

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Vermont winters can make me think I'm living in Antarctica. Last week, the wind chill made it feel like -22 degrees Farenheight, and I spent a lot of my day today hoping that we don't get enough snow to strand me at work. It can be bitterly cold up here, but thankfully, there are days between November and March when the temperature does creep up over freezing and I can deign to go outside without a hat or gloves.

Yet, as much as I hate this persistent cold, I can't help but want to travel to the actual South Pole and hang out at White Desert, a super luxury resort. It'll run you $25k for an 8 day trip, but check out the lodgings! So cozy & chic, with penguins right outside your window. With a setting like this, it must be worth the trip (and major $$$).


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Material and simplicity. These are the two self-declared core components of both A.P.C., the French label that is known world-wide for it's stylish yet simple essentials, and Outdoor Voices, the up-and-coming brand that dresses cool kids who shun labels on their way to Soul Cycle. Their new collaboration, A.P.C.O.V.shoppable as of August 31st, is the perfect marriage of minimalist athleticism that takes athleisurewear to an uncharted place of understated sophistication.

These pieces build outfits that feel equally balanced with a thick pair of Nikes or thin calfskin ballet flats, and you won't find a single pop of neon or a panel of mesh anywhere in this collection built on greys and blues.

Happy shopping!

the art of the detox

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I'm going on a family trip to the Dominican Republic in March, and the realization that I'll soon be hanging out in a bikini has me scrambling to eat more  kale and make sure I get to the gym five days a week. I've never been one to even consider a detox (food is just way too delicious to not chew), but this series of prints by illustrator Marine de Quenetain featured on goop is inspiration enough to focus on eating more of the right stuff.

the most wonderful time of the year

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December as a twenty-something is no joke, and this year, I'm trying to thrive, not just survive, during the holiday season. in the past few days, I've attended more official parties and eaten more sugar than in the last 11 months combined, and let me tell you, it's exhausting.

Random work parties for companies I'm not actually employed at; Yankee Swaps where booze is really the safest gift to give and to receive; pushing through crowds at the mall because I haven't yet figured out how to finish my shopping well ahead of time: this is how I'm spending this month. my last post was about decorating my apartment for the holiday season, but I'll confess that I haven't actually gotten very far with that.

Christmas is only a week away, and I can take all of the help that I can get to make it to Christmas Eve in one piece. Below are a few links with tips and ideas that I think will carry me through to the New Year.

- how to host a dinner party in your living room (useful if you have a tiny apartment like mine)

- how to choose Champagne

- how to recover from whatever it is that you ate or drank last night that's making you feel like death today

- how to wrap your Christmas gifts, according to Martha Stewart (who really does know best)