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a mildly aspirational blog of my life, times, and taste

welcome to chic or geek

hi, I'm Anna.

I'm 29 years old and live in Burlington, VT. chic or geek is an outlet for me to be creative, share my interests, and have a visual diary of my daily adventures.

I live for magazines, museum gift shops, street art, and sunny skies.  I love to capture people, places, and things with my cameras, and tend to post a lot of pictures of my cat on my Instagram.

I struggle internally to balance my inner geek and my inclination towards the chic. I like to nerd-out watching a good documentary, but also spend a lot of my time pouring over fashion mags. When I travel, I have a hard time deciding between visiting museums all day or lounging poolside in a cabana. so, while I'm often asking myself the question, do I want to be chic, or a geek?, I can usually find the answer somewhere in the middle. 

feel free to send me a note or just say hi - I look forward to hearing from you!
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