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Shopping? No, Not Me

UncategorizedAnna KellerComment

I know I'm supposed to be cutting back on the excessive shopping. We're in a recession, right? New shoes will not help in a Depression. But I can still look around, right? I found the site Ron Herman today. Sure, a lot of their stuff is WAY out of my budget. Like, light years away. But they have sale stuff that doesn't seem too unattainable, like Opening Ceremony dresses for around $60. Totally doable. I'm planning on keeping an eye out for other great finds.

Speaking of great finds, I'm wearing a new Forever 21 dress today and loving it. It's a little on the short side, but nothing that black opaque tights and ballet flats don't fix. Paired with my new fabulous faux-leather jacket, I'm feeling pretty good despite the fact that I should be studying my ass off for solid mechanics, bio, and diff eq. And chem, can't forget about chemistry.

Not me. But this is the dress that I'm wearing.

Everyone should be outside today. It's supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny. IN PITTSBURGH, PEOPLE. Enjoy it while it lasts!