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Gossip Girl Recaps

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Me?  I'm a Dan type of girl.  If I had to choose between Chuck and Nate, I'd probably go with Chuck.  I'd raid Serena's closet in a heartbeat and would totally steal Vanessa's iPod.  And yes, I am an avid Gossip Girl fan.  I watched the season finale this week with millions of other teenage girls, twenty-something, and many more moms and males than I'm sure would be willing to own up to it, and I was pretty satisfied with the fact that they wrapped some stuff up but left enough intrigue for the next academic year for these Upper East Siders. Now, I could go and do a recap of the things I loved, hated, envied, and lusted after, but the Daily Intel blog at already does a pretty fantastic job of that and I always agree with them.

The season finale recap.

A recap of the recap from the commenters' perspectives.

You know you love me.