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It all started on Sunday, when I just thought that I was the most hungover of my entire life.  I felt so bad it made me want to avoid boxed wine for the rest of my life.  While this is probably still a bad idea, it turns out that the dreaded flu was actually the cause of my extreme discomfort. While I have luckily been cleared of the swine (there is a massive amount of people on campus who actually do have it), the flu has still not been very kind to me.  I have spent my days reading magazines (I am using this as an excuse to avoid work and will be paying for it this weekend), drinking juice with high vitamin contents, and consuming lots and lots of oatmeal.  It's amazing how when one has no appetite the desire for mushy oats can be overwhelming.

This morning I woke up after a solid 12 hours of sleep, and while my tummy was in no way communicating that it wanted food, I opted to bring back an old classic of sweetened oats with a banana and Mighty Maple peanut butter. Paired with green tea and diet Pepsi (hey, it's what I wanted), it did this sickly body good. P1020973

Now I have to decide how I want to spend my day.  I'm sure a few quality naps will be thrown in there, as well as the reading of the September Harpar's Bazaar.  It was the only magazine that CVS had that I hadn't read yet, and I figured it would keep my brain from turning to mush over the course of my recovery.

How to you cope when you're feeling tremendously under the weather?   Are you an oatmeal and fashion mag kind of sick person?