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The Wackness

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Sometimes I think you watch a movie at the perfect time for you.  If you watched it at some other point in time, you may have found it stupid or not funny or just a straight up waste of time.  Luckily, I watched The Wackness last night, and I think it was prime viewing time for me. Simply enough, The Wackness can be considered a coming of age movie.  It follows 2 kids in New York the summer after they graduate from college and their dead beat parents who continually screw life up for everyone else.  Luke, a self-professed loser and weed dealer, falls for Stephanie, the confidant and secretly super slutty daughter of his shrink.  The resulting mix-tape trading, 40-swigging summer of love makes me wish that I hadn't been a mere 5 years old in the summer of 1994, about to venture into public education for the very first time.  I wish I had spent that summer listening to A Tribe Called Quest and throwing around the word "mad" like it was going out of style.

I can still do these things, and I don't know if it's because I spent this past summer living with a kid from The OC who refers to everyone as "man" so that I do too, but  I felt like this film was so current.  Or maybe just the issues of government corruption and fear of "the man" (in this case, Giulliani) hit a little close to home with the city of Pittsburgh trying to clean up its act for the G20 Summit.  Or the fact that Ray Bans were all over this movie, although they were the real deal as opposed to every kind of knock-off you could ever want today.  All I know is that the dirty tint to the shots and references to early-90s grunge left me listening to the good kind of rap and painting my nails black before I went to bed.