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The Little Things in Life

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This past Friday I went on a rather epic shopping spree.  We were out for about 8 hours, hitting up all of the box stores that the Waterfront has to offer.  While I found some rather amazing deals and am now the proud owner of an item from Anna Sui's rather amazing line for Target, my favorite purchase was this itty-bitty straightener. P1030029Already, my life has been changed by this purchase.

I have short hair, but my hair is a thick mess with a mind of its own.  If I shower and blow dry and style it promptly, it behaves itself and doesn't create too many problems.  However, once it's been slept on, it develops a mind of its own and I become a sight to be had.  Hair sticking up in every singly direction, untamable by a multitude of products and my wide straightener only exacerbates the problem.  However, this little guy can manage every cowlick and unruly curl that pops up.  I used to always be late for class, trying not to luck too ridiculous, but my time was usually wasted since it didn't look any better despite my missing half of my differential equations lecture.  And now, 10 dollars later, problem solved.

In case you have a similar problem, I found this straightener at Target in a dual pack for $27.  Fortunately, my roommate was in the market for a new 1" straightener, so we split the cost according to size and each wound up very happy.

Has anything really small affected your life in a big way recently?