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Welcome to Pittsburgh, World!

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This year Pittsburgh is playing host to the G20, and while we are supposedly opening up our city to the world, it's become a bit of a ghost town with everyone hiding from those who are drawn to the summit.  Apparently the presence of world leaders brings out the worst in protestors and police, but I haven't really seen much of it.  I've stuck to my house and only gone to campus when absolutely necessary, but I can hear helicopters circling overhead and I guess there's been a little bit of violent protesting in surrounding shopping areas.  It's a little crazy, but I feel like they prepared well for it.  As I write this, Mr. President and his buddies are enjoying some time at the beautiful Phipps Botanical Garden.  I did a previous post on it, and it really is a wonderful place.  I just hope that nothing happens to the beautiful glass sculptures, like these guys, that are all over the place.P1020866 I brought my camera with me to campus today, fully anticipating an onslaught of angry rioters to photograph.  It was actually eerily quiet on campus, since a lot of professors cancelled class, plus the weather was slightly rainy and gross.  It all seemed a little surreal, with such important things going on so close by but we were all just wandering around campus, going to class as usual (my classes weren't all canceled).

The activism on campus was in the form of large white plastic sheets, but I'm not quite sure what was painted on them.  Perhaps the rain melted away their message, but I feel a little bad that it was so ineffective.P1030031

The most prominent presence on campus has been the little camp that the art majors set up.  They held the fence (a CMU tradition where you sleep there, paint on it, and make sure that no one else gets to it) and built some crazy structures around it.  They've been sleeping there all week, but I really am not sure if they are getting any sort of message across.


CMUers are a little apathetic.  I mean, there were about a dozen kids selling white T-shirt that said 'APATHY' on them today.  People were buying them, and there really was just a general consensus that we were just going about our lives as usual, freaking out about class and work and not really paying attention to the rest of the world who happened to be just beyond our campus.

While it's cool that Pittsburgh is finally being given media attention for a good reason, I'm really just happy that there's a chance a few of my classes will be cancelled tomorrow.