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Vegan MoFo, Day #2

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B is for BROCCOLI.

If you ask my mom about my undying passion for veggies, she'll tell you the story of little 3 year old Anna at a family party.  My relatives kept trying to give my brownies, but I would politely decline and sneak to the veggie platter where my hands would grab stalk upon stalk of my favorite vegetable of all time: broccoli.  Never in my life has anyone had to ask me twice to finish off those greens.  I like 'em in all forms - steamed, pureed, lightly seasoned, dripping in sauce, and plain old raw.  Those little florets just brighten my day.

When scrolling through Fat-Free Vegan, one of my favorite sources of delicious, healthy, and easy vegan meals, I came upon this recipe for Fettuccine No-Fredo with Broccoli and Mushrooms.  This may be my dream meal.  Before I gave up dairy and meat, my go-to meal at an Italian place would be Chicken Alfredo (although I had no idea that such meals were crazzzzy indulgences of 1200+ calories - even as a once in a while meal, this wasn't exactly working for me).  This dish takes the best of that pasta meal and adds two of my loves, broccoli and sauteed portabellos.  The ingredient list is nice and manageable, and I have no doubts that any attempt at whipping this up would be successful.  Susan knows her stuff, and I trust her broccoli expertise.

*Edited to add:

Lunch today was a broccoli pasta MIRACLE.  Using this recipe, I whipped up the most amazing creamy sauce with mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, and bow-tie pasta.  I normally hate eating white pasta, but my roomie had made a giant pot of this and needed it to be eaten.  Free refined-flour pasta is better than none at all!


To make this, I measured nothing and just threw in stuff on hand.  It tasted a lot like something I've had before, maybe something cream-loaded from  Macaroni Grill?

I started by cooking up the last of my original unsweetened Almond Breeze with a little water and cornstarch.   I added garlic powder and italian seasoning to the mix and let it thicken up a bit, then added chopped mushrooms, tomato, and frozen broccoli.  I added some roasted red pepper red sauce since it wasn't too liquidy at this point, and then added nutritional yeast, pasta, and a chopped Boca burger with lots of pepper.


And I may have licked my plate.