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I Really Want...

UncategorizedAnna KellerComment FINALLY watch the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project.  I sadly don't have Bravo, and I can't seem to find those fabulously overdramatic stylists anywhere. have had a beautiful, crisp fall.  Somehow, Pittsburgh went from summer to windy, freezing, and raining, and I would have really appreciated a few days when I could appreciate the orange leaves without wanting to die walking to class. be done with all of my school DRAMA.  Who knew changing majors (really different ones) would be such a huge deal?  It would have been even harder to keep going with all of that engineering dreariness though, and I am so happy to have made the switch. become a speed reader.  I have to read this behemoth of a non-fiction book all about Thomas Jefferson and Native Americans and write a decent book report for next week.  I read the first 24 pages in an hour today.  I wasn't taking notes, I wasn't multitasking.  I just could not focus to save my life. be sure of my plans for this weekend.  I am most likely going on a 5 hour each way road trip, but if my friends get lazy, no ride for me.  And no ride means no extreme shopping adventure, which is really just bad for everyone.

...our house to not explode.  Or fall apart.  I would really just love it if everything would stay happy and fixed.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed a frantic tweet about the probably burst pipe in one of the bedrooms.  Luckily, it is not be bedroom, but still, it sucks. go apple picking or go on a hay ride or sit next to a really large bonfire.  I want to do something fall related!  I have had too much work and too much soccer and this month is just flying by.  At least I'm not back home in Vermont right now, where apparently they have snow.  I bet Homegirl is really enjoying that.

Anything you want right now?