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This is how I look right now, how I have looked the entire week, and how I will most likely look into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Photo 53

Can you tell I am am cracked out on caffeine, no sleep, and to much work work and school work?  Because I am.

The silent floor of the library has become my home, and I haven't really spent much time at my real home all week.

I did watch Glee this morning while I ate breakfast and got ready for the awful day ahead of me.  I swear, if I had had a chorus teacher like Will Schuster busting moves like that in class I would've been way more excited to memorize my sheet music than I was.  Someday, he and Emma will ditch their good-for-nothing significant others and run away together to a very clean and well choreographed land.  Finn and I will get married and go over to their house for Charades nights and classy dinner parties.

Or maybe that's just the caffeine talking.