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Oh, Hey Audrey

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I survived Halloween! Sure, I was a little drunk when I woke up, but I nursed my hangover with a big bowl of peanut butter and banana oats, slept for 2 more hours, and then I was good to go.  I had a really, really, REALLY fun night.  People just get so into Halloween and really commit to having the best time ever.  Can this be a biannual holiday?  Or semiannual, like the Victoria's Secret sale?  Things this good should happen way more often.

I stuck to my plan of being Audrey.



It was funny - girls knew immediately who I was, most guys were clueless (one kid asked me if I was supposed to be Princess Diana...), but the boys at the absolutely ridiculously crazy CFA (fine arts here at CMU) party knew.  I guess more people need to be clued in to the amazingness of Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Come on people, does it get any more classic that Audrey running around New York in a little black dress?  I don't think so.

This outfit was also perfectly party-proof.  My black ballet flats held up on the dance floor and on the many trips up and down the stairs to go pee yet again.  I just had to laugh at the more than ridiculous girls wearing crazy platforms and minimal clothing -- especially since that was kind of me in the past and I definitely learned my lesson.  The sunglasses were a bit of a hazard since half of my time was spent on a dark dance floor, but they also saved my eyes from being poked out by an erratic bee's wings.

While I tried to stay classy, I did commit a bit of a party foul: in flip cup, I got so excited to flip my Solo cup over that I forgot to chug my beer first.  Beer went everywhere and I was a little embarrassed.  The best part of a crazy Halloween party is that not many people will actually be able to remember my less than stellar flip.

Now I am constantly refreshing my Facebook feed to see albums from everyone's crazy night/pretending to do my chem homework.  Needless to say, reliving the night of mayhem is definitely taking precedent over my work.  This is a once a year thing, though, so I'm allowing myself to procrastinate a bit.

What was the most memorable part of your Halloween?