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Just One of Those Days

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This weekend has flown by faster than any other in my entire college career.  It's Sunday night and I'm beginning to freak out a little about where my time actually went.  While I am a tad behind on my studying for tomorrow's Chem test (and here I am doing this), I will say that every second of my crazy weekend was pretty amazing. I kicked off my weekend with a comedy performance by TJ Miller.  I had seen him in Carpoolers for the one season that it was on and absolutely loved his humor on it. So while no one else seemed to know who he was, there was a pretty good turnout at the show.  My abs were hardcore sore the next day - laughing for an hour straight is a pretty amazing workout.

Saturday meant one thing and one thing only: Club Soccer.  My team and I roadtripped out to Bloomsburg, PA, to play the University of Bloomsburg and Bucknell University.  It took us 4.5 hours to get there, with a few navigational issues and a stop or two at Dunkin' Donuts, so as soon as we parked the car it was time to get out there and play.  We got our asses kicked by the Bloomsburg girls, but in our defense, they were all much bigger girls than we are and we had been sitting in a car for a ridiculous amount of time before sprinting our little hearts out.  The Bucknell game was much more even, and while we lost by a lone goal, it was the best soccer our team has ever played.  As soon as that final whistle blew, we were on the road.  We had to hustle for 2 reasons: so we could get Panera for our famished tummies, and so that we could get back to Pittsburgh to get to the party that we were supposed to be throwing.  After some free (well, to me at least) Panera, we made it back to campus in 3.5 hours.  There may have been a little bit of speeding done, but hey, we had a party to go to.

It was actually supposed to be a Girls' and Guys' team mixer, but since we had these away games, it really turned into a party that we partially paid for and showed up a little late to.  There were a ton of people there and it was really hard to figure out who was on a team and who just showed up randomly.  As the unofficial social chair for our team, I had been in charge of partially organizing it, but I was a little bummed by the randoms that the boys invited and the lack of Skippy (Natty, Vladi, and lemonade for those you of you may not know) that we were promised.  I ended up leaving and going to a completely different random dance party.  A couple of bowls and episodes of Planet Earth later, I was super peaced.  Being in a car for 8 hours and playing nonstop soccer for 3 takes a lot out of a girl.

I woke up this morning still kind of out of it, but Pittsburgh was being truly outstanding: the sky was blue and clear and the temperatures were in the 70s.  There was no way I could hang out in my bed waiting for my brain to come back to me so I could do work, so I headed out for a little stroll.


This mirror definitely messed with my head.





Coconut Iced Coffee - who knew I'd actually want one in the middle of November? P1030133

Have you ever used one of these hand dryers?  The kind that is super powerful and blow your skin all crazy?  I'm kind of obsessed with them.


I'm a big fan of the game Apples to Apples, but I was a little confused when I saw this version in the grocery store.  What could be so different about it?  And who looks for board games at a grocery store?

P1030137So, yeah.  That was my pretty much my day.  I made it Panera for another dinner with my roommate - a Greek salad with no feta and a multigrain baguette did this girl good.  Then I went to the library for a few hours before I threw in the towel.  I am way, way, WAY tired and really don't think I can absorb any more information about orbitals right now, so I'm going to call it a night early and cram in the morning.

How was your weekend?