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Feeling Lucky

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I don't consider myself to be a superstitious person at ALL.  I've broken many mirrors, walked under ladders, opened up umbrellas indoors, and yet, I seem to be doing well.  Granted, my life is kind of topsy turvy, but I blame myself and a series of poor decisions and risky behaviors for the current state of my life.

However, the arrival of a Friday the 13th always makes me squirm a little bit.  I can't remember if anything especially bad has ever happened to me on this date, but I also don't recall anything extraordinary happening either.  I spend my day feeling extra cautious, waiting for something horrible to happen.  But while I'll feel a little jumpy, the rational part of me is still sure that I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling just the same as I always do on a Saturday morning - well, depending on whether or not I go out tonight.

I'm not going to carry around a lucky rabbit's foot (I used to have one and didn't realize that they were real rabbit feet.  That scarred me for life.) or search for a four-leaf clover to make my day any better.  I'm going to go with it and have just decided that whatever happens, happens.

But maybe I'll avoid high risk activities and traffic intersections for the day.

Do you consider yourself to be superstitious?