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Too Perfect

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Is it possible for the weather to be too nice?  I actually think so.  Pittsburgh has been so sunny and warm that it's actually pretty detrimental to my school work.  I find myself wanting to spend as much time outside in the sunshine that I can't bring myself to be cooped up in the library like I actually need to.  I think my grades will actually improve quite a bit once it starts being bitterly cold and cloudy. With that being said, I did take full advantage of that sun yesterday.  I had big plans since my roommate let me borrow her car: SHOPPING TRIP.

And I know that I have a bit of a shopping problem, but today I did really well and managed to not spend too much money and only purchased necessities.  Well, almost all necessities.

Can I start off by saying how wonderful driving feels?  Just me, the open road, and Google maps directions.  Lovely. P1030160


I may have gotten a little lost when I took the wrong street at a 5 way intersection, but I surprised myself and managed to get back to the street that I needed to through a series of twists and turns down some kind of obscure roads.  Does this mean I'm becoming a Pittsburgher?  Before I know it I'll be saying 'yinz' and wearing a Steelers jersey on game days.

The real reason for my trip was to go to the Verizon store and see if they would replace my phone.  I have insurance on it since I've gone through 4 phones in less than 3 years and spent waaaay too much money on replacing them.  The past weekend proved to be no exception to my antics and I lost this guy in a parking lot.  A very nice man returned it to me, but it was a little worse for the wear and the camera now takes pictures with a giant crack in them.


Good news: they'll replace it.  Bad news: they didn't have it in stock so they are mailing it to me.  It's annoying because someone has to be home to sign for it (which is a major hassle with classes and work) and then I don't know how to transfer all of my contacts.  She gave me a sheet with data transfer instructions, but I think you have to pay for the service.  Damn Verizon and its lack of sim cards.

I also went to Target and bought too many boxes of ZBars, Luna bars, and mini Clif bars.  Now I'm set for snacking through the end of the semester.  I managed to avoid buying clothes or shoes, but I did snag this watch for $13.  It makes me feel awesome so I don't have any regrets about buying it.


My next stop was Trader Joe's where I filled up an entire shopping cart with all kinds of goodies.  I bought things in multiples that I knew I would be eating a lot of: butternut squash, canned pumpkin, and apples, to name a few.  I also bought a box of something that is already 40% done: peanut butter puffins!


So, so, so good.

Today it's slightly overcast but the high is supposed to be 68 degrees.  Weather, why do you torment me so?!  I have work to do!  Research to be done!  Laundry to fold!

Am I the only one without the will power to not give in to beautiful weather?  If you're able to stay inside with your chem book, please, tell me your secret!

Have a lovely Sunday!