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Icy finger-waves/Ski trails on a mountainside/Snowlight in Vermont

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+ Excerpt from "Moonlight In Vermont"

Things Getting Me Through One Last Week of Finals, Papers, and Pittsburgh:

Running through the woods without worrying about getting shot at by a rogue hunter.  Hunting season is finally over!  At least I hope?  I'm always so freaked out by all of the people wandering through the woods, ready to shoot at anything not wearing hunter's orange.  It doesn't help that a lot of these people aren't the brightest crayons in the box.

Walks along Lake Champlain.  Sure, it is freaking cold this time of year, but there are few things more beautiful than witnessing the lake fog rise up from the almost frozen lake and slowly move towards the purple mountains on the horizon.  I'm hoping for some ridiculous photo shoots in the near future.

The possibility of encountering Mr. Karl Lagerfield.  He has a house in a town near me and given how small Vermont is, I think the odds are pretty good that someday I may catch a glimpse of him in his sunglasses.

An abundance of flannel that is worn for all the right reasons.  We aren't trying to be ironic - Vermont is COLD and flannel is WARM.  Layers upon layers of wool, faux fur, and my favorite buffalo plaid shirts are going to keep my fingers and toes from going into hypothermia territory.

A stop by my favorite Vermont bakery: On the Rise Bakery in Richmond.  With live music, vegan baked goods, and lots of ecofriendly beverage options, I plan on traveling the 25 minutes or so to enjoy this place a few times over break.  During the summer they grow their own veggies in a garden right in front of the bakery, and while they can't do that this time of year, their other options more than make up for it.

Attending a Grace Potter and the Nocturnals show.  I've seen them twice in the last month, and I could see them 12 more times and never get tired of their insane stage energy, amazing musical talent, and authentic Vermont attitude.  They're playing at Higher Ground, and I can't recommend their shows enough - what they do to a drum set alone is enough to get me to routinely cough up $25 to see them again.

What are you looking forward to about going home for the holidays?