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Positive Thinking

UncategorizedAnna Keller4 Comments

Things I Actually Like About Finals Week:

it coincided with the first snow of the season - it may not be very apparent, but those little white flakes definitely came down

I remembered to change the calendar to December so that I could gaze longingly at the date that finals end

parents actually feel bad enough for you that they send wonderful care packages chock full of goodies to get you through this week of hell

you can go out in public looking absolutely horrendous and people won't bat an eyelash because personal hygiene tends to take the backseat when a stellar exam grade is just one all-nighter away

there is actually an end in sight - after Friday, this girl is done

There are a lot more things that I don't like about finals but I'm trying not to think about them to avoid a meltdown.  So far, I'm staying sane, but Friday is still a long ways away.

Good luck getting through the end of the semester!