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As I'm sure pretty much everyone knows, the end of the semester SUCKS.  It's just day after day of stressed out monotony.  Food and personal hygiene definitely fall way down on the priority list, which basically means that I'm a gross mess.  Well, the entire campus community is a gross mess so I don't feel so bad about myself, but hitting the SEND button on my last paper of the semester felt better than any semi-illegal recreational activity in which I have ever participated. I hauled ass to the Pittsburgh airport where the US Air women declared that my suitcase was just as big as I was.  Trust me, I was fully aware that I was basically carrying my body weight with me.  I actually packed way lighter than I ever have before, which I was especially proud of since I am going on a cruise with my family (!!!) in January.  I had to pack for both sub-zero Vermont temperatures as well as a Caribbean climate.  Trust me, this was no easy feat.

I made it through two flights without any sort of delays (some kind of Christmas miracle) and was in snowy Burlington before 10 pm.  Coming home after a long, hellish semester is really just the best feeling.  I have nothing to actually do for a MONTH.  No books to read, to equations to derive, NOTHING.

This freedom means I can pretty much do whatever I want, and so far my day's been pretty good.

I baked a loaf of Blueberry Banana Bread from the Fat Free Vegan.  It was the perfect addition to the giant salads that I made for me and my mom for lunch.  I've pretty much already depleted my family's produce supply.  That's what you get for letting your vegan daughter back in the house.

I also braved the elements and went for a run on my sidewalk-less street today.  I live on one of the few paved roads in my town, which is good once the snow falls and it gets plowed but it also means that it gets a lot of truck traffic.  For whatever reason, trucks don't understand that it's their job to slow down and go around me instead of waiting for me to jump into the ditch to cheat death.  I also encountered the manure truck from the farm down the street.  I'm pretty sure I got manure on my running shoes and I am definitely sure that I hate the stuff.

Once I got showered and dressed, it was snack time, and I utilized the good knives and oven that actually its temperature to make a perfect batch of butternut squash fries.

Loaded with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast, these guys were heaven in my mouth.

I've also volunteered to make dinner for the family tonight.  I've had a serious craving for some veggie pot pie recently and am going to subject the rest of the group to my cooking.

What foods would you make on your first day home?