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This morning came with a lovely temperature of 2 F.  Needless to say, I am going to spend as little time possible out in the cold. Yesterday I braved the elements to finish up my Christmas shopping.  I went into Williston for a Marshall's trip (unsuccessful) and to Downtown Burlington (some success).

I always forget how much driving is involved in getting places in Vermont.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get to Williston and 35 to park in Burlington.  I forget all about my time spent in my parent's minivan when I have views of the Lake like this - pretend the car and traffic signal aren't there.

I also got a great view of something else that I missed dearly: Vermont boys.  With their snowboard-hardened bodies, snowstorm driving skills, and love of all things green, they are running wild all over the state but I've had trouble locating equivalent counterparts in other parts of the country.  I found these two specimens in the alley between the Cherry St parking garage and Church St.

This picture has it all: a big mess of hair, flannel, hunter's orange, Burton backpacks, skateboarding shoes.  And I'm sure they were mad chill.

When I wasn't creeping on the locals I did manage to buy myself 2 necessary pairs of sunglasses at Urban Outfitters, saved $10 off 5 pairs of undies at Victoria's Secret, and finished up shopping for my Mom.

Even though my eyes were watering because of the cold, Church St still looked quite lovely.

Sights like these make me really happy to be home.

This cold definitely does not.  I'm actually really frustrated because I can't do cardio of any kind - I know it's OK and good for me to take time off and do yoga, pilates, and whatever else for a while, but I kind of need that little endorphin boost and a way to clear my head.  I am not part of a gym, the roads are too muddy to run on and we have no sidewalks, and there isn't enough snow to cross-country ski on yet.  What's  a girl to do?  I'm going a little crazy trapped in the house.