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chocolate & raspberry

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Is there a better combination?  Maybe peanut butter and banana, but other than that, I don't know of anything quite as delicious a pairing. In preparation for my sister's annual Christmukkah party (I'm a really nice sister, in case you were wondering) I made these Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies from Vegan With a Vengeance.  I'd never made them before, but I will definitely be making them again.  I used organic raspberry preserves as the topping - I highly recommend that you do, too.

My mom described them as being very similar to a devil dog.  Well, if you are eating a vegan devil dog with raspberry filling then I suppose they would be pretty much the same.

I really should be getting my beauty rest since tomorrow I have to drive down to Boston to pick up my sister from the airport.  She's been in Panama for the last month and is finally coming home.  I haven't seen her since August and more than happily agreed to take the 4 hour trip to see her before the rest of my family.  She's been bragging via Skype about how tan she's become and I know she wants to rub it in my face.  It's OK though, because in a few weeks I'll be on a cruise and will hopefully get a little color myself.

How do you feel about roadtrips?  Are you excited to hit the open road or do you hate being stuck in a vehicle for a long period of time?  I love it when other people are driving and I can just nap for hours and hours until we finally reach our destination.