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happy birthday

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to my mom! Yesterday my mom turned 47.  To celebrate, she let me make her a vegan chocolate cake.  If you ever have a chance to make Vegan with a Vengeance's chocolate raspberry black-out cake, I highly recommend that you do.

And those would be chocolate shavings scattered all over the glazed bundt cake.  I'm not that sloppy.

My mom is also a huge fan of boardgames, so we agreed to play one of her Christmas gifts: The Office edition of Clue.

My family has been a huge fan of The Office since the very first season aired, and this version of the game was a great homage to the TV show that we loved.  You probably remember the George Forman grill that caused great pain and many, many laughs.

Or the bat that spent some time in a trash bag on Meredith's head.  That scene depicts what may actually be my greatest fear in life.

The game was a lot of fun and I loved the way the creators incorporated so much of the show's plot and the characters' personalities into play.

How do you feel about spin-offs?  Are you bothered when merchandisers take a classic game like Clue and change it?  And can I get a shout-out from all the fans of The Office out there?