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getting away

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While it may only be the first week of classes, I'm already figuring out the best way to get the heck out of Pittsburgh and somewhere warm for Spring Break. I'd been mulling about a certain trip for a few months now, and the other night I took the plunge and pledged my work-study money for the semester to Continental. I'm going to Panama!

My family has some really good friends who just moved down there in September to kind of get away from it all. They have two boys who are my sister's and my ages and then two younger kids, but we pretty much grew up with the older ones and have gone on a whole bunch of crazy family excursions together. They'd given a general invitation to pretty much everyone they know to go down and visit, and I'm going to taking them up on the offer.

My sister actually spent a month down there already at the end of 2009 and had the most amazing experience. This photo is courtesy of her and was taken on one of their many excursions into the rainforest. Did you know that the last person in the group has to wear a mask on the back of his head so that jaguars won't attack him from behind? There is NO WAY that I'm volunteering to bring up the rear.

Now that I have my plane tickets purchased, it all seems kind of concrete but still kind of too good to be true. It's pretty much 90 F there ALWAYS, so I can count on getting in some quality sun time. I'll definitely be stopping by the Panama Canal, visit the zoo where you can feed monkeys grapes from your hands, and go by the beach at night to experience bioluminescence. And my sister has raved about the sangria more than anything else she did while she was down there - too bad she's only 18 and can't have that stuff at home for 3 years - so you know I'll be partaking in that.

It should also be a reunion for me, my sister, and the two boys to see each other. It's so strange to think that we have pictures of all of us running around in diapers together and now we're all kind of mature adults (luckily, my mom has those pictures tucked away for safe keeping).

Now that I have that all squared away, March 5th just can't come soon enough. This is the first time I've ever done anything remotely exciting for Spring Break, and I am so happy that my trip shouldn't involve too many camera men trying to capture as many drunken sorority girls on tape as possible.

Do you have any big plans for your spring break yet? Or am I just way ahead of the game?