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I was just alerted by the always inspirational Amy that today happens to be National Yoga Day. As someone whose arms still ache from the incredible yoga session I had on Thursday, I felt compelled to post about the topic.

A girl at work once asked me if I did yoga and if I liked it. Without skipping a bit, I replied: Yes, and the practice changed my life.

I think she was a little taken aback by my prompt and effusive response, and to be honest, so was I. But as I thought about it more, I realized it was true.

I started practicing yoga a few years ago, but I got more into it once I got to college. I was able to take free classes for a PE credit, and it was such a welcome change of pace from my rigorous engineering classes. My teacher was demanding and pushed us beginners, but the feeling of lightness and relief that I always felt was worth every seconds spent pushing myself to perfect my downward dog.

However, after I fell down my basement stairs and did quite a number on my brain, hearing, and mental state, I started to use exercise as an outlet and a tool for self-harm. However, yoga can't be used like this. You can't balance on one foot for long periods of time if you haven't eaten a substantial meal in hours and you can't stand in tree pose if your mind isn't clear. Practicing yoga forced me to take some deep breaths, relieve my self from stress, and focus on the here and now and the good that I could do for my body.

Now that I'm not taking free classes I don't get to practice with an instructor as often as I would like, but I do make a point to either do poses on my own or pay the $6 and go to one at the University Center. As crazy as my days seem and as fuzzy as my brain feels, deep breathing and lots of Vinyasa flows always improve my day.

yogi survey practicing since: 2006 days a week? 1 or 2, but I wish it were more often most unique class: free yoga in the park in the summer favorite kind of yoga: Vinyasa flow favorite pose: eagle pose least favorite pose: crow pose, mostly because I am awful at it musical selections: radiohead, zero 7 why did i start? I had been taking pilates for a while and wanted to see where some of those poses were derived from mat color: sky blue with lotus flowers on it what i wear: leggings or yoga pants from American Apparel and a soft tee

Do you practice yoga? What has it done for you?