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This week, Pittsburgh remembered that it is in fact January and is killing me with icy sidewalks, snow that sticks to your face, and awful temperatures.Yeah, I know that this isn't that bad. I mean, look at what I'm used to from back home in Vermont. And those lows are not accounting for the windchill - and trust me, that windchill cuts another 15 or so degrees off. I used to stand out at the end of my driveway waiting for the bus for up to half an hour a day for 7 years in this stuff.

So today when I was extreeeemely bored in my Nature of Language class (at first I thought it was interesting, but then the professor decided to spend the whole time going over phonetics charts from the book), I cheered myself up by looking at what I'll be experiencing in just 5 weeks when Spring Break rolls around and saves me.

There may be rain showers in there, but honestly, what's better than a hot day at the beach, a nice dinner with a big glass of wine, and then watching a thunder storm on the ocean? Absolutely nothing.

Basically, all that's keeping me from getting utterly depressed about the current lack of sunlight and having my fingers frozen numb several times a day is knowing that pretty soon I'll be out of here, working on my tan.

What's keeping you optimistic through this awful part of winter?