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stuck on repeat

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Before college, I never had a consistent exercise routine.  I had never been a member of a gym and my parents had declared the great outdoors to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to a treadmill.  I would have totally agreed with them if we hadn't lived on one of the only paved roads in Vermont without a sidewalk, which meant that there was plenty of fast moving traffic (think milk trucks) and no shoulder.  I spent more time jumping in and out of ditches to avoid death than actually running during the few times that I braved the cold (and it was always cold).  I played soccer freshman year of high school and dabbled in track sophomore and junior years, but I didn't have anything that I loved to do and I rarely, if ever, got a good sweat session.

Then I came to school and discovered the wonder that was the gym.  The small room on the first floor of my dorm had 2 treadmills, an elliptical, and bike, and an arc trainer, half of which were broken at any one time.  I quickly became a slave to the arc trainer (since it burned the most calories per session), and I quickly grew to hate it.  Once spring came, I started to run outside and for the first time in my life, I considered myself a runner.  Even when I ran track, I had never run more than 2 miles at a time (we would have mud fights in the woods on our long run days), but now I was pushing myself to complete 5 miles of hilly Pittsburgh sidewalk.  I also started taking yoga as a free PE class (do it if your school offers it!), and with these two new activities, I genuinely started to love exercise and felt like something was missing if I didn't get a good sweat going a few times a week.

While I may have gone a little overboard with some exercise in the past, I really feel like I've found a good balance with my life now.  I have a mix of stuff that I do, and it all depends on how much time I have in a given day, what the weather is like, where I am, and how good my hair looks that day (if I'm having a good hair day, there's no way I'm going to ruin it with an elastic - those are yoga days).

So now I consider myself to be a regular practicer of...


don't mess with me in a dark alley - I have a mean right hook


I never thought I'd do a back bend or head stand, but these days they're easy-peasy


I've done ~6 miles in one go, and once the weather warms up I'm aiming for more


when I'm home and there's plenty of snow, you know I'm out there enjoying the powder


sometimes I just want to zone out with I do


I play on the club team and it feels so good to kick the ball around and get dirty with some like-minded girls


I may do it with a drink in my hand, wearing a body-con skirt and wedges, but it's one of the best leg workouts out there


just another way to get that rock hard core

Do you have a routine?  Are you stuck in it?  Or happy as a clam?