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card courtesy of my Grandma


As a single gal, Valentine's Day can sometimes bring unhappy thoughts and the undeniable urge to hurl large boxes of low quality chocolates at the pairs of lovebirds that seem to all come out of the woodwork on this day.  From the big box of roses that appeared on our doorstep for one of my roommates to the stories of appreciation of Valentine's Day sex from another friend, I was definitely starting to hate on this day.

But then some well-timed Valentine's Day care packages arrived on my doorstep from my family and grandparents, and things seemed to not be so bad for a bit.  The fact that my grandma remembered that dried pineapple is my absolute favorite and the lack of dairy products in the chocolate that my mom sent made me remember that I do have some really wonderful people in my life who care about me.

The day became even better when a couple of other single girls came over and we all gossiped and talked about past hook-ups and scandals, stuffing our faces with vegan sugar cookies.  Sometimes, there are enough horror stories about various sorority girls to make you kind of happy to not have a man in your life.

After laughing until my abs hurt and eating enough sugar to sustain me for two days, I had a wonderful Skype session with my sister, showered, and then promptly passed out.  I don't know if I could have had  a better day.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?  With some lovely single ladies or do you have a significant other in your life? Spill!!!