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ready for departure

UncategorizedAnna Keller8 Comments

at this point I am so ready to head off to a warmer, happier place.

instead of thinking about

phonemes (for my Nature of Language midterm)


iron curtains (for that darn 20th C US History exam)

I'm filling my brain with more important thoughts:

{are wedges practical footwear for the jungle?}

{can you have too many pairs of sunglasses?}

{do Panamanian stores stock Orbit wintergreen gum?}

{will one bottle of sunscreen last 9 days?}

{should I pretend that I'm going to do homework on this trip?}

{can you learn a language in 2 days?}

{can I figure out a way to stay down there forever and not return to Pittsburgh?}

{will going from 30 F to 98 F be bad for me?}

{will I sleep at all between now and Friday morning?}

Probably not, but I'm planning on passing out on the plane and waking up in PANAMA CITY, baby!

how do you prepare for a big trip?

[photo courtesy of Theresa Keller]