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el valle

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the valley

day #3

|march 7th|

el valle is an inactive volcano region in Panama.  I have never seen hills quite as lush, nor have I had sangria that was as magnificent as was served here.  apparently people fly helicopters in from the city to eat at this restaurant, and after having the most ridiculously amazing risotto (balsamic infused portobello mushroom risotto - OMFG) of my life, I completely understand why.

also in the area was what my hosts assured me is one of the best markets.  there was an abundance of locally made art and native crafts (molas and baskets), golden frog trinkets, and fresh produce.  the only downside was the harassment by the locals - not a place to wander by yourself, ladies.  I purchased a bracelet, a little golden frog statue, and a shot glass that said "short glass" on it; it was too funny to not buy.