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sunshine essentials

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after spending 9 days in Central America where the sun was always strong and the temperatures rarely dipped below 90° F, I learned a few secrets to becoming a bronzed beauty and avoiding that horrible, peeling, I-just-came-back-from-Spring-Break fried look.

for my face

Clinique Super City Block SPF 40

When I went to Italy 3 years ago, I was kind of lax about applying sunscreen to my nose and ended up going to prom with a nose that looked, for a lack of a better word, DISGUSTING.  I put this stuff on every morning, added a little powder to help it set, and was good for the day.

a big pair of sunglasses

sunglasses are such an easy way to pretend to look chic when you haven't bathed in anything but a pool for a few days and may have had a few too many margaritas by the pool the night before.  I ended up bringing 4 pairs with me (all cheap - I'm too accident prone to invest in anything costing more than $20) and rotated them enough so that I didn't get a tan line from them.  just make sure yours protect you entirely from UV rays!  and be careful with cheap ones that may not actually be protecting your eyes at all.  since glare is reduced, your eyes are deceived into letting the sunshine in while they're really being super harmed by that glowing orb.

for my body


no excuses!

I slathered this stuff on religiously - every morning and after every hop in the pool, and I only got bright red in the parts that I obviously missed.  I hate it when people say the whole, 'oh, I burn, but then it peels off and is tan' thing - that's sun damage for ya!  tanning isn't healthy to begin with, but if you must be in the sun, getting a gradual tan is much safer and far less painful.


I don't even know how many glasses I would down in one day - 12? 15? I was always so thirsty, and since I was constantly sweating and doing some sort of physical activity, I knew I needed more than the standard 8 glasses.  trust me, especially if you're enjoying a Corona, it's important to always have clean, cold water nearby.

nail polish

in addition to showing off your new tan, nail polish actually protects the nail bed from the sun's harmful rays.  I actually forgot polish on my trip, but I made sure to pick up a flattering shade while I was in the airport!

these were the things that got me through my stint in the heat - do you have any tips or beauty secrets to share? for those of you who live in warm climates year round, how do you deal with the heat?  and I didn't even try to deal with my hair while I was down there.  that would have been a battle I was destined to lose.