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ask and you shall receive

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so you know how I was waiting for summer?

well, the weather part has has arrived!

yesterday it reached the high 70s here in Pittsburgh. I spent my lunch break outside and my arms are pleasantly burnt.

today and tomorrow have highs of 82° and I plan on spending as much time as possible in Schenley Park with my unread issue of Vogue (and maybe some Ethical Theory reading), lemonade, and salty snacks. oh - and sunscreen.

climate change is a real bummer, but I can't complain if it brings us July-type weather in the early stages of spring.

will you be able to enjoy some sun this weekend?


I also have a hair appointment today. it'll be my first cut in 7 months (I've been growing it out) and I can't wait to be a darker brunette with fewer split ends.

how often do you make it to the salon for a fresh look?

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