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cram time

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the next week is going to be seriously lacking in the fun department for me. expect lots of quality time with just me, my computer, and a big stack of books at the library - oh, and plenty of caffeine.

while I don't have that much due before next Wednesday, I'm trying to be super prepared and do all of my work that is due on the 19th, which happens to include 2 giant papers that make up a large part of my grade for 2 different classes.  I also absolutely need As on both of them.

as much as I would like to be really motivated and get everything done days before I actually hand anything in, I'm having trouble being motivated. does that happen to anyone else?

so, why am I doing this? well, next Wednesday night marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of year here - Spring Carnival. we get 2 full days off of school to do whatever we want, which means that my friends and I shut our computers, step away from our research, and throw ourselves into being crazy college kids.

daytime beer and dance parties in the park, alcoholic smoothies with breakfast, beer pong in bikinis - we do this once a year and we want to do it right. The Black Keys are also playing a free show on the Cut Friday night - if you're in Pittsburgh, I recommend stopping by.

Carnival is actually about a lot of things besides drinking and chilling outside with your friends - Booth, Buggy, the return of lots of alumni...but do you see why I need to get my work done?

does your school have a Carnival equivalent? do you feel the need to both work hard and play hard?