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the runaways

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Last Tuesday, I ditched my responsibilities as a full-time student and went to the movies on a school night.  I'm so wild, right?

Well, not compared to these girls.  My roommates and I went to see The Runaways, and I left the theater ready to put on my vegan leather jacket and copious amounts of eyeliner and give the middle finger to the world.

(Don't worry; I did nothing of the sort.  We actually went home, decorated cupcakes, and I hung out with a certain boy of the moment.)

The movie itself was great.  I had been skeptical about the mulleted Kristen Stewart (I am NOT a Twilight fan) and an all-grown-up Dakota Fanning, but the whole cast blew me away with their acting, performing, and singing ability.  As the first popular all-girl rock band, they had a lot of obstacles to conquer in their ridiculously awesome wedge sandals, and they took the beer-can throwers and sexist hecklers in stride.  At the ripe age of 15, they had drug issues, crazy sexual experiences, and wardrobes that would make a Playboy bunny blush.  Mixed with a killer soundtrack and some really intense cinematography, the movie came out to be one I would pay money to go see again - and I NEVER go see movies more than once in theaters.  I may make my next viewing a matinée, but really, if you appreciate good music, girl power, and a good coming-of-age tale, I recommend seeing this.

The Actual Runaways

and the cast

I've also been thinking a lot about this period of history recently.  1975 was a big year in this country - free love reigned, Vietnam raged, and microwaves were being introduced to households at an alarming rate.  I think this is because of a number of factors: my 20th century US history class, my engineering project where I am documenting basically anything appliance related for the last 100 years, and the realization that I am now where my parents were around this time.  Sometimes I have these realizations that just blow my mind - could you imagine having children soon?  living in a world where you could get sent off to war at a moments notice?  feathered hair? no internet? jumpsuits? (but those are coming back...)

Do you have a period of time that just intrigues you?  And seen any good movies lately?