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product review: yes to tomatoes

UncategorizedAnna Keller7 Comments

I'm always trying to eat in an animal friendly, environmentally sustainable way.  I don't want to put crap in my body, but sometimes I forget that my skin absorbs whatever I put onto it.

So when I went to pick up a new facial moisturizer at the store the other day, I reached for this product.  I had been using Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion SPF 15, but I didn't really like the way it smelled and it was a little too thin for me.  The two were comparable in price but the Tomato brand had a higher percentage of natural ingredients and smelled a whole lot better (and was more subtle - I don't like being able to smell my face all day).  While it was lacking in sun protection, I use a number of other products daily that contribute to my sun shield, so I wasn't too worried about that.

The verdict?  I love it.  I'm always a little wary when I try a new product on my face because I have very problematic skin, but this seemed to do its job without any negative side effects.  Makeup goes on over it really well, too.

How do you feel about more natural products?  Are you willing to shell out to ensure that little bunnies aren't suffering at your expense?