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at the stroke of midnight...

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I turn 21!

I feel like I've been waiting for this milestone forever. Not that I've been lusting after my ability to drink at a bar for years, but it's the last big milestone of young adulthood. After this, there's not too much to look forward to (at least according to legal age limits). Especially since so many of my good friends started turning the big 2-1 a few months ago, I feel like it's about time.

Don't worry - I don't plan on doing anything ridiculous like taking 21 shots or whatever else crazy, reckless people do on this birthday. I've been to the hospital once before in my life due to irresponsible drinking, and let's just say that I've learned my lesson well.

I'd just like people to buy me drinks and to possible be involved in an epic dance party.

If you're already 21, how did you celebrate? And if you have yet to reach the legal age for alcohol consumption, how would your perfect birthday play out?

Tomorrow I have big plans that include a trip to the new FroYo place in Squirrel Hill and a classy dinner party with cute dresses and good (not boxed) wine. And then we're throwing a rager to celebrate my day of birth and the last day of classes, as well as one of my roommate's return to the country from her semester in Barcelona. It should be crazy. Cramming for finals can definitely wait a day!

Oh - my parents just informed me that my new Canon Rebel is on its way. I am SO EXCITED!