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the best birthday ever

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Seriously. I was trying to think of the right word to describe the last 48 hours of my life and I couldn't pick just one.

Epic.  Euphoric.  A hot mess.  Happy.  Wonderful.  Perfect.  Hilarious.  Momentous.

Some highlights:

(1) The weather was perfect on Friday. Very warm and sunny. My roommate was wandering around the house, not content with staying inside and not ready to start studying for finals quite yet. A stroll to Starbucks was suggested, and then the mail slot opened up and a single piece of mail fell to the ground: a birthday card from my aunt with a $25 Starbucks gift card.

(2) I went on one of the best runs of my life. I didn't take my iPod or watch. I just went and banged out 3.2 miles.

(3) Started our pregame with a rum and coke (my drink of choice) and then took birthday shots at the stroke of midnight.

(4) Went out with a group of the most wonderful people in the world to Shadyside. I even got a 'Happy Birthday!' from the bouncer.

(5) People kept providing me with the best assortment of drinks - order a 'Tie Me to the Bedpost.' Freaking delicious.

(6) So many hugs. I felt so loved.

(7) I ran into every single boy that I've ever had any kind of thing with here at school. When I say thing, I mean hooked up with for a while - enough for it to kind of mean something, but not dating. I hadn't seen a few of the guys for a very long time, and it was definitely the universe doing something.

(8) A certain someone showed up at just the right time to take me home.

(9) Definitely still drunk when I woke up at 10:30. I put on my new romper and wandered out the front door to find a big package of goodies from my family. Inside were the most hilarious birthday cards and exactly what I had asked for.

(10) Walked with my roommates to Squirrel Hill to try out the new frozen yogurt place. You serve yourself and it was AMAZING. I had New York Cheesecake + Cookies'n Cream topped with graham cracker crumbs, rainbow sprinkles, and strawberries. And it only cost $3.16. I am going to have a hard time not finding myself up there every day this summer.

(11) Made my first liquor store purchase: red wine for the sangria that later was my demise.

(12) Had a surprisingly lovely chat with my mom. Sometimes our phone chats can get quite strained, but I was in such a good mood that nothing could bring me down.

(13) Baked the most amazing loaf of chocolate zucchini bread.

(14) Special brownie sundaes for a snack.

(15) Got everyone to watch the Sex and the City movie with me, including two boys who at first were reluctant to watch but were soon intrigued by the soft-core porn aspect of it.

(16) Pasta salad dinner party.

(17) A beautiful margarita birthday cake, a bottle of pink champagne, and 500 Days of Summer from the roommates.

(18) We threw a rager. We probably had over 70 people here. 2 kegs, 4 handles, a cooler of jungle juice, and a pitcher of sangria later, our house was a huge, sloppy mess (and I mean the physical house and everyone in it). This morning there were 2 people passed out downstairs, an empty Arizona jug in the bath tub, some girl's sweater on my floor, cups EVERYWHERE, a partially eaten stick of butter, tomatoes in strange places, and a pong list on the washing machine. And our back door is no longer functional. I'm not even going to talk about the state of our kitchen floor or how badly it smelled. Totally worth it.

(19) Vegan brunch at The Zenith Cafe in Southside. It's apparently famous for it's ridiculous spread on Sunday mornings, but I always work on Sundays and can't go. For $10 you get a wonderful entrée, coffee or tea, and access to the best array of salads, stuffed grape leaves, crusty bread, and at least 10 different kinds of cake and pie. I tried both the chocolate chip and the strawberry vanilla cake. SO GOOD.

(20) Watched 500 Days of Summer and did some mindless computer stuff.

(21) And the best present was having my roommate return from her semester in Barcelona. It was so surreal and wonderful to have our whole family reunited.

21 things for my 21st birthday. I'm ready for it to be over, though. It really was the most ridiculously amazing weekend but now it's time to detox and cram. I have my first final on Tuesday, a paper for Friday, and the stupidest project that needs to be over with now.

5 days until summer!