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My weekend spent in The Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania was exactly what I needed.

✾ All-we-could-eat breakfast buffets at The Barn

I had french toast sticks for the first time in years

✾ Wine-fueled charades around the campfire

Some people are really just too good at that game

✾ Grill roasted red peppers for dinner

A little extra char makes them taste a million times better

✾ Nature walks with no end destination

We saw several outhouses - I'm glad I don't live there

✾ Chess and pool tournaments

The boys kind of dominated these, but we were happy to watch

✾ Pit-stops at Sheetz

Those touch screens are ridiculous

✾ Finding tiny animals and bugs to make friends with

It was way too cold for mosquitos, thank God


I'm still in a bit of a daze now that school is over.  Work hasn't really picked up yet, but neither has the weather.  I'm relishing this cold and rain to fulfill my reality TV addiction and I hope to crack open a book in the near future.

I had thought I had work today, but it turns out I wrote my schedule down wrong in my Moleskine.  You can just imagine how upset I was when I thought I had overslept, inhaled breakfast, and ran down to the Museum.  Once I realized I wasn't supposed to be there, I decided to spend some time wandering around a new art exhibit, treated myself to a vanilla latte, and picked up a few movies at the Carnegie library.  It wasn't exactly what I planned to do with my day, but I'll take it!

Tonight I think I'm going to make my way to the gym for the first time in at least a week and then go out to some bars in Shadyside to spend time with graduating seniors.  There's also a Pens game today, so depending on the outcome of that, the night could get pretty crazy.

What would you do with a surprise day off?