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wine night

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It's Senior Week, which is very similar to Orientation.  You're at school for a full week with absolutely nothing to do except get wasted and have fun, and while 4 years ago it was all about making friends and not creating embarrassing situations, now you're spending those last few nights with your best friends in the entire world.  While I'm a Junior, I've gotten really, really close with a really amazing group of people who are unfortunately a full year older than me and leaving this place for good.  It's going to be weird without them.

Their game plan for the week is to have as much fun as possible without dying, and since everyone else is buying, I'm always down to join in the festivities.  Last night was Wine Night at Shadygrove in Shadyside, which basically means that kids run around with their own bottle of wine and get particularly wasted.  My roommate and I started off with some Refreshing White Franzia (it's the best white Franzia. Trust me on this one.) and then made the walk over to spend the night downing vodka tonics, flirting with men celebrating their newly acquired MBAs, dance-offs, and bathroom bonding sessions.  Once the bar closed (at 2 am - Pittsburgh is LAME) we headed over to our friend's house for a two-hour long epic dance party.  There were probably 15 people there, all going nuts.  It had been a few weeks without a good dance session, and it felt good to be a little sore this morning from all that time spent getting down.

On a side note, I just spent a little too much money at CVS on a few nonessential items.  I came out with this lipstain, which is something I've been searching for for a while but never found a reasonably priced product to play around with.  I normally never wear lipstick or lipgloss of any kind (I stick with Aquaphor for any situation, day or night. It's MAGICAL.), but since I'm all grown up and going to bars and such, I figured I should try and experiment with a little dramatic color.  It's a lot like a marker and just as easy to apply.  It feels like nothing and stays on for a while, which is all I really want in a lipcolor.

Had a good night recently?  And have you stumbled upon any new beauty products that you absolutely love?