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4:00 am: through the last of my clothes in a bag, toss on a dress and cardigan, and run out the door.

4:25 am: take a seat on the 28X bus to the airport. Promptly pass out.

6:23 am: wake up just as the bus pulls into PIT.

7:10 am: take advantage of the free wifi and savor my last minutes online for a few days

8:30 am: wheels come up off the tarmac.  Pittsburgh is particularly gross.  Promptly pass out again.

9:28 am:  make my first of many DD purchases for the week at the Newark airport.  Coconut coffee + veggie egg white flatbread.

10:48 am: board my last flight of the day.  Sleep for another hour.

12:08 pm: meet my sister outside of Terminal A.  Hugs, snacks, and a frantic search for a restaurant on the GPS are all on the agenda.

1:48 pm: after finding a place to park (Boston is not a car friendly place.  At least not for the cost-minded individual), we make our way to California Pizza Kitchen for a launch of soup and salad.

2:37 pm: another stop at Dunkin'.

3:00 pm: start our way down Newbury St.  H&M, Madewell, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie visits help to fulfill our compulsive need to shop.

5:03 pm: stop in at the Boston Public Library, which isn't nearly as impressive as the Carnegie Library in Oakland.

6:03 pm: realize that we are starving and eat at a great little Thai place for dinner.  I spent ~$60 on food for the day, but every delicious bite was totally worth it.

8:03 pm: figure out how to pay for parking ($20!), make our way out of the city, and drive to Newport, RI.

10:08 pm: unlock the door to my Aunt's empty rented house and set up camp.  She's moving out at the end of the month, but a bed, full kitchen, and more than adequate bathroom is all we need.

11:03 pm: Pass out.


11:58 am: wake up to pouring rain, eat bagels that my sister brought from Vermont while watching the third season of The OC, and shower.

12:53 pm: head off into town to get groceries and booze.

2:34 pm: eat salad and yogurt and start a movie marathon, courtesy of Red Box.

4:55 pm: finish watching Inglorious Basterds and immediately start The Informant. Both are pretty good and worth watching - Matt Damon is not too attractive in the latter, though.

8:00 pm: another salad, but this time accompanied by a G&T and board games.

10:03 pm: give up on the Dora-themed board games of my 4 year old cousin and play a few different versions of Rummy.

12:08 am: pass out.


10:58 am: wake up to a cloudy but rain-free sky.

11:45 am: go on a bagel-fueled walk on the cliffs.  The ocean is stunning without sunshine or blue skies.

4:33 pm: pack up the car and clean up all of the empty diet Coke and salad bags that we demolished.

5:35 pm: find a Panera to check email and get some much needed caffeine

6:45 pm: pick up Bertucci's pizza - surprisingly really good for a chain.

7:18 pm: see my Grandparents for the first time in over a year.  My aunt, cousin, and her brother just moved in, too.  It's a bit of a zoo (literally - they have 4 cats, a dog, bunny rabbit, and 2 birds among them) and kind of cramped.

8:35 pm: score a whole set of pans, plates, and 2 large mirrors from my Grandma.  They were either going to me or the Consignment shop, so I just had to take them.

10:08 pm: watch a Lifetime movie.  I really wish we could afford more than basic cable.

12:14 am: sort of pass out.  I'm not used to sleeping with a Labradoodle on top of me.


5:00 am: wake up, get dressed, and inhale 2 cookies and a slice of cinnamon raisin bread.

5:35 am: roll out of Northborough, Mass.

5:55 am: remember that I forgot my makeup bag in their bathroom.  It's too late to turn back if I want to make my flight given the traffic.

6:05 am: one final stop at DD for coconut coffees and egg white flatbreads.  I may have gotten my sister addicted.

7:15 am: make it to Logan International despite rush hour traffic and a missed exit.

7:45 am: avoid being hassled at the airport because I'm wearing leggings and a tunic. Seriously, those X-ray vision machines are a little too invasive.

8:00 am: more celebrating - free wifi!

8:35 am: board the plane and sleep until I'm back in NJ.

10:01 am: grab a salad at the food court and make it to my next flight with a minute to spare.

10:39 am: manage to stay awake on the flight and make my way through most of Lauren Conrad's LA Candy - I wouldn't recommend it, not even for mindless summer reading.  I think I lost some brain cells in the process.

12:05 pm: grab my bag off the belt.

12:20 pm: snag a bus back to Oakland.

1:48 pm: walk through my front door to be greeted by 3 KITTENS (story to come later).

2:55 pm: get down to the Carnegie Museum for a 4 hour shift in the Quarry.

7:25 pm: meet my friends at Mad Mex for a much deserved Big Ass margarita - $10 for 18 oz of Mango Bliss.

9:08 pm: a little bit poorer and more than a little drunk, we snag a bus back home.

10:00 pm: more KITTENS.

12:30 pm: pass out.

How would you feel if 3 kittens found their way into your house (just temporarily)?