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I've been up to quite a bit since returning from my mini vacation. I've organized my room - well, it's a work in progress, so I'm still organizing my room.

Don't ask my how I've acquired this much flannel.  I'm from Vermont - it's practically a uniform when I go home.

I've played with my new babies: Jack, Rambo, and Buddha.

These little guys are ours for about 2 more weeks.  We're taking care of them for a local animal shelter until they're old enough to be adopted.  They're so cute and hilarious, but we're trying not to get too attached to them because we really aren't in a position to become parents anytime soon.  I'm really enjoying having their curious furry faces around, though.  If you're in Pittsburgh, consider giving them a home!

Eating lots of summertime food.

For the past 2 days, I've been making burgers out of 1/4 of a tube of Gimme Lean veggie sausage and frying them up, topping them with cheese. and sandwiching it all between a bagel thin.  When I was a kid, my parents made sausage burgers all the time in the summer.  They were so greasy and sat in your stomach for days, but they did taste pretty darn good.  This burger tastes pretty much exactly the way I remember those, except without that heavy animal fat to stick to your ribs.  It's definitely summer when I hear them sizzling away.

I've also been working, but the lack of homework and more serious responsibilities mean that I'm able to have some fun, relax, and not stress about how much stuff I can cram in to one day.

This afternoon I'm going to head out to Schenley Park, read through Chelsea Handler's My Horizontal Life, and then head to the gym for an easy elliptical session.  Then I'll probably make a smoothie with the new blender we got from Costco yesterday ($30 - and it actually crushes ice in seconds!), watch some TV, and chill with my roommates.   Not too shabby.

How have you been spending these kickoff days of summer?