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SATC 2: in review

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*this is not a spoiler - at least, I don't think it is*

the second Sex and the City movie has been getting plenty of less than stellar reviews.  criticized for everything from its fashion to its plot, it's not exactly getting critical acclaim.  however, I saw it last night after a round of Cosmos, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  maybe I was just in a good mood, maybe it was the little bit of a Cosmo buzz that I had, but I was not disappointed in my favorite ladies.

the high points

  • all of the ridiculously attractive men.  Smith was hotter than ever, and I couldn't complain about any of the male nudity.

  • shoes. shoes. shoes. shoes. SHOES.  so maybe the fashion was off.  I've never been fond of harem pants, so seeing them in a metallic print didn't do me any favors.  I could've done without some of the headgear.  but the girls have never gone wrong with their selection of red-soled, sky-high footwear.
  • drinks & soul spillage. not that alcohol is necessary for a good heart-to-heart, but it definitely helped to clear the air and the resulting conversations made me tear up a little bit.

and the low

  • how old everyone is.  I definitely think men can be way sexier with a little distinguished gray in their hair, but seeing how everyone aged made me think about old people having sex.  and I think we all know that this is not something worth pondering.
  • children.  Charlotte has wanted nothing more in life than to be a mother, and to see her so unhappy with her girls completely turned me off from ever having spawn of my own.  at least for a looooong time.
  • bad karaoke song choice. hearing the girls sing "I am woman, hear me roar" was definitely a low point in the film.  my mom LOVES that song, and my mom is pretty much the opposite of fabulous and chic.  and the pants that Carrie wears in this scene make everything a million times more unbearable.
  • anti-Muslim themes. I'm all for women's rights and female liberation, but if history has taught us anything, being disrespectful and mocking a culture is not the way to bring about positive change.  neither is waving your middle finger and a strip of Magnum Trojans when you're exposing more skin than everyone else combined.  not good.

have you seen the movie yet?  thoughts?

and if you haven't, are you planning on it?  or are the bad reviews enough to make you save your $10 for some delicious frozen yogurt?