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If you happened to be wandering around 1 Pittsburgh Place in Downtown around 9:55 this evening, I'm sure you couldn't help but notice the several twenty-somethings who couldn't help but play in this fountain.  Totally unpredictable, the water managed to completely soak everyone who dared to enter its boundaries.

We had just finished attending the free Ingrid Michaelson concert at the 3 Rivers Arts Festival (she's so funny and lovely in person) and this fountain distracted us from our search for a bus to take us home where we can act like children and people don't judge us.  I had come straight from a day of work and wasn't dressed in fountain appropriate clothing, or else I totally would have been in there with them.

Do you manage to behave yourself in public?  Or do you revert to a childlike state whenever you see something shiny/magical/wonderful?

I think people usually think we're all on crazy drugs when we wander too far from campus.  But we really just find the small things to be really amazing.  That's all.