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independence day

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While I did see fireworks, my 3 day holiday weekend was spent doing some less traditionally patriotic activities. ☆ crashing a wedding reception at a slightly sketchy bar in Oakland

they were all so drunk and happy, with the male members of the wedding party dancing shirtless and trying to make friends with us the whole night.  I also drank the most delicious berry beer.  My friend thought it was a mixed drink.

☆ waking up at 9 am for a quick stop at DD for iced coffee and then the fastest, most productive shopping trip at Target ever

we were in desperate need of a bath mat, plastic storage containers, and white tea lights, and I managed to bypass the entire clothing and shoe sections of the store.

☆ buying lunch at Panera and sneaking it into an early showing of Eclipse

I'm no Twihard, but I did have a free movie pass and am always willing to have a good laugh at someone's expense.  As much I want Jacob's abs, I think I'm on Team Charlie.  Mustache or not, he is one hot dad.

☆ packing, moving, and drinking massive quantities of water

this is just the beginning of dragging furniture across the town in high humidity and heat.  2 minutes in and we were disgusting.

☆ a 3 mi walk to South Side for fireworks, only to realize we missed the biggest show

whatever.  we were able to see a lot of the smaller displays from other towns from the Hot Metal Bridge.

☆ cornhole games and a free tequila shot from a man in a cowboy hat at the Double Wide Grill

while I generally don't frequent trailer-themed bars, this was one of the only places open and we ended up having a pretty great time

☆ sampling each of the 5 flavors of margaritas at Mad Mex

I had ownership of the kiwi margarita, but we decided that the strawberry one was the most delicious.  With a side of vegan nachos, this was a great end to the night.

☆ the soaking up of as much vitamin D as I could stand in the heat

with no pool, no breeze, and no A/C, we've had a rough few days.  I stayed out for 20 minutes, tops, before I had to go suffer inside.

☆ veggie dogs, a veggie burger, chocolate cake, watermelon, a water balloon toss that quickly became a war, and Clue

this was more like an actual 4th of July celebration.  luckily our friends have a grill - those little soy links taste so much better with a little char on them.

☆ a viewing of The Bachelorette and then a shocked hour of Jake and Vienna judging

she needs to end up with Roberto, but I'm not even sure that's going to happen.  his dad kind of insinuated that he was too good for her.  and Jake and Vienna were just painful to watch.  as annoying as she is, I'm on her side.  Jake is a serious double-faced fame whore.

☆ a trip to Goodwill to donate a few bags, Whole Foods for some necessary fuel, and then Home Depot for some sweet chalkboard paint

we spent Tuesday painting our new apartment.  we were fools and didn't bring fans with us, but the satisfaction of covering up the straight-up weird murals that were all over was enough to keep us going through the 95  degree heat

❀ ☆ ❀☆ ❀

Did you spend your weekend in a traditional fashion?

How do you feel about painting?  A meditative experience or an arduous chore?

All photos were taken by me with my sad little camera phone