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obsession: bicycles

UncategorizedAnna Keller3 Comments

I love bicycles.  In fact, I have a little blue Schwinn of my very own.

However, it is sitting in my basement, its tires sadly flat, unridden for months now.

It's not that I don't want to ride it, per se, but Pittsburgh is a very hilly place.  It's gears aren't the best, and going up and around my neighborhood is extremely difficult and tiring.  It's not the kind of bike that can be ridden wearing a cute sundress.  I would get that cute undress disgustingly sweaty in a matter of minutes after leaving my house.

But maybe I'll work on my quads so that I can breeze around with little to no effort.  Because I would really, really like to ride around, ringing my little bell and looking adorable in big sunglasses.

Are you a bike person?  And if yes, are you a hardcore, spandex shorts kind, or a more care-free, swingy skirt kind?