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it's really, really, REALLY strange to not have constant access to the internet.  between this blog, facebook, twitter, and tumblr, I spend a ridiculous portion of my day cradling my Macbook.  however, my new apartment does not have reliable internet access yet, so I'm forced to spend my downtime reading magazines and organizing my necklaces. I am also without a coffee maker at my new place, so I had to make a very necessary trip to Starbucks this morning before work.  while I was there, I spotted a sign that promised free wifi to everyone.  coupled with their $2 drink deal after 2 pm if you made a purchase earlier in the day, I knew exactly where I would run after my shift at the museum.

now that I've had my sugar and caffeine fix for the afternoon, checked facebook, scrolled through tumblr, perused interesting tweets, and responded to critical email, I can hike back to my climate-controlled but isolated apartment.  my tank tops aren't going to sort themselves by color, after all.

how would you cope if you suddenly found yourself without internet?  would you go through Google Reader withdrawal or take the time to take up a new hobby?