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morning light

UncategorizedAnna Keller2 Comments

I love waking up to a room flooded with sunshine.  in my old room, this never happened.  while I had a walk-in closet that could've housed another roommate, my room itself was a dark and gloomy cave.  my new room is a completely different story.  I happily woke up before my alarm to the soft glow of pre-8 am light.

this light also inspired me to do a photo shoot of my breakfast.  prepare to be inundated.

{cinnamon raisin toast}

{cream cheese}

{wildberry preserves}


{creamy peanut butter}

I suppose you could say I had a rather wonderful morning.  and to top it all off, I don't have work today!

at midnight, one of my roommates and besties turns 21, so I'll be celebrating in style.  sadly, I have work at 10 am, but I'm kind of a pro at partying hard, sleeping hard, and caffeinating extra-hard so that I can deal with children all day.

have you had any photo-worthy meals recently?